Where can I get a User Manual and helpful operating videos for my Volta System?

Go to the Volta Power Systems website and click on the “Support” tab.
Scroll down the page and you’ll find operating videos.

Further down the page you’ll find links to “Download Volta Manuals”.
You will have one of two systems.
You can tell what you have a couple of different ways:
1.  In most cases, vehicles manufactured in 2021 or before have a VIP or VSP System.
In most cases that system will have an On/Off button and an SOC gauge adjacent to it and no display screen.  That will be a VIP-VSP system for sure.
But some later versions in the 2021 or 2022 model year will have a display screen instead of the SOC gauge and those could be either system.
You can identify your system based on unique and visible features.

For example, Flex Systems often include touchscreen controls and a unique On/Off pushbutton. The pushbutton on a Flex System is a “one-position” button and returns to a level position with its bezel after you turn on the System. If you have a two-position pushbutton, meaning the pushbutton remains depressed or “sunken” after you turn on your Volta System, then you likely have a VIP-VSP System.

2.  If you have the “Component Worksheet” for you van it will show the model and serial number for the “Lithium Power Pack”

  • Serial Numbers starting with VV are Flex.
  • Serial Numbers starting with VF are non-Flex

Click on the “DOWNLOAD” button that applies to your system.

As of this posting this link would go to the Support page if you copy it to your browser:



Do I need an inverter?

That depends on what you’re trying to operate. If you need to operate 120v appliances without running a generator or being plugged in to shore power, an inverter will do that. Many Travato owners travel with portable inverters to run small appliances. They will NOT be able to run your microwave or air conditioner, though. Inverters capable of running your air conditioner or microwave are large and expensive. Their installation in very involved and requires professionals to do it.

While we don’t recommend one specific brand of portable inverters, you can see a list of 12v inverters on Amazon HERE.

It should be noted that using a too-large portable inverter would blow the fuse. DO NOT USE a portable inverter rated for more watts than the circuit you’re plugging it into. (If you don’t know what that means, don’t use one.)