Does the House Battery Switch need to be on to charge the batteries?

  For Travatos equipped w/AGM batteries (59G/59K) For the purposes of this FAQ Generator Power is treated the same as Shore Power.
Condition: Disconnect State Charge
Solar (w/sun) Off or On Yes
Driving Off or On Yes
Plugged in to Shore Power Off No
Plugged in to Shore Power On Yes
(“Disconnect State” means whether the House Battery Switch is turned on or off.) GL/KL:  Pure3 is different.  No charging occurs driving or solar unless the system is on.  If you plug a Pure3 coach into shore power, the system will wake up automatically and start charging.  

What converter/charger is used in the Travato?

Winnebago uses the Progressive Dynamics PD9245C in the Travato.

This is an electronic, multi-stage converter/charger. It is designed to charge your batteries rapidly when needed, and float charge them with a trickle current once full.

Here is a link to the manual (that covers all sizes of this line. We have the 45 amp version).

PD9200 Series Manual