Will the Jensen audio system play sound from the TV?

If the Travato is a unit made with the Insignia TV and the long narrow JWM9 Jensen unit, here is how you can put the over-the-air TV sound through the coach speakers. In this case, you would not have an audio cable connected to the TV as the HDMI cable carries the audio. All 17’s and many late 2016 model year coaches should have this setup. If the JWM9 has the ARC mode, they should be set up this way. Early JWM9 units did not have this feature.

First, The Jensen radio needs to be in ARC mode by selecting it with the source button. ARC stands for Audio Return Channel which sends the TV audio to the receiver (wall mount radio) to play over the audio speakers through HDMI cable. Also make sure that the speakers are switched on. An HDMI cable from the JWM9 unit must to be connected to the HDMI-ARC port on the TV (which it should be).

Next, you have to set the Insignia TV correctly, the Insignia TV instructions for this can be found under the INlink section in the TV owner manual. Basically, go to the “settings” menu and scroll down to the INlink menu item and make sure INlink control is turned on (it’s off by default). Then you will need to use the connect function to find the JWM radio and then you can select it.

Use the controls on the Jensen unit to set which speakers you want the sound to come from.