How can I turn the front seats into a bed?

Pleasure-Way has an excellent solution for an inflatable mattress designed specific for the Promaster cab. You can find it by CLICKING HERE.

For a much less expensive alternative, another Travato group member purchased this $8 portable air mattress from Sports Academy you can see by CLICKING HERE. One thing to note on this, you’d need something hard in between the seats. The group member says he uses his 2 extra 59G cushions, but others have suggested using a cooler placed snugly in between the seats.

What can you tell me about the front cab seats?

Starting in 2019 models, leather seats are an option from Winnebago.

Since the cab seats contain side impact airbags, any aftermarket recovering must account for those so that they may deploy.

The seats have knobs on the sides for height adjustments; one knob adjusts the rear of the seat and the other adjusts the front of the seat. There is also a knob on the side to adjust lumbar support.

They both have to be rotated all the way facing forward or you will not be able to put the engine in drive.

There are armrests on the inboard side of the seats only.

The seats recline and swivel easily.