How to change the decorative panel on the front of the K fridge.

Unscrew the hinge pin in the upper left-hand corner of the fridge. Then lift the door off of the lower hinge pin. Turn the door upside down and you will see two Philips screws holding the bottom trim in place. Remove those and pull the trim away from the bottom of the door and you can slide out the existing front trim and replace it with something else. 

2022 and newer mattress construction and bedding suggestions.

For 2022 and newer he Mattress and Cover are different from all prior years.
The construction of the mattress consists of layers that have specific purposes. You will want to remove the decorative cover provided by WGO (now held on with elastic) and store it someplace. Then place a light weight protective cover similar to those in the links I have provided (that fit the K/KL beds). Then cover that with the sheets and bedding of your choice.
Owners find the combination of the new mattress and the “slats” underneath are comparable to the Tempurpedic mattress they have at home.
NOTE: The 3 cushions that are now provided to convert the twin K/KL beds into a single large bed are perfectly sized to be covered with King sized pillowcases to match your decor, should you wish to do so.

How to Remove a Travato Drawer.

Follow the instructions found here:


My MCD shades have loosened over time and don’t retract well any longer. How do you adjust the retract speed on the MCD shades (found in 2018 and older Travatos)?

According to Travato owner George Larson, he recommends:

1. Take a flat head screwdriver to the 3 clips holding the shade up. Remove the shade with its bracket.
2. There is an adjusting slot at both ends for flathead scrwedriver. You need to push this slot in to make any adjustments. Black controls speed and at the other end, grey will control where your shade will stop when in the up position.
3. Once you think you’ve got them both dialed in correctly, snap the shade/bracket combo back into the 3 clips (hooking up into the back part of the clips first).

The reading lights are hard to read by; are they adjustable?

It depends on which lights you have. Older Travatos had lights with a physical on/off switch and white LEDs. Those tilt and swivel a bit.

Newer Travatos have reading lights that have two levels. Initially the light works as a blue mood light but if you press and hold the on/off button it will turn to a brighter white light which is great for reading.

Can seat belts be added to the K models that do not have them in the back?

While it actually has been done by a handful of Travato owners, there is no truly safe way to add after-market seat belts to the bed area of a 59K.