My One Place Monitor LP (and Tank) Level is Not Accurate, Or is it?

TOWB group member Faith Senie explains it this way: “The One Place is actually pretty accurate — once you understand what it’s saying. For LP: It reads 3/4 when you’re somewhere between 3/4 and full; It reads 1/2 anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4; It reads 1/4 anywhere between 1/4 and 1/2; and It reads E anywhere between empty and 1/4.” In other words, as soon as you use some of the item in the tank it shows the next level down. The Water, Gray, and Black tanks read F, 2/3, 1/3, and E but the concept is the same. Of course, for LP you always have the option of going under the van and looking at the reading on the LP gauge on the back of the LP tank itself.  

How to reset the One Place Monitor following a replacement – Black Tank reading and Generator Hours

You can follow these instructions provided by Precision Circuits

One Place Resets Black Tank and Generator Hours

NOTE:  A group member reported the following additional remarks following a discussion with Precision Circuits:

“The info was correct that is on there but lacking in further direction of using the start, stop, and meter buttons to move the numbers by one decimal point to zero. Then pressing pump then battery to save.”

Can I reset the One Place Monitor?

Yes, you can.  Just follow the instructions on the attachment.

Reset One Place Monitor Panel