How do I use the ECO-HOT feature in my Travato?

Follow these instructions to reduce the amount of water you need to use getting hot water to the shower and sink faucets. 1.  Heat water in Truma. 2. When it is hot and you are ready to use the fixture turn on the water pump. 3. Turn ECO-HOT valve 1/4 turn (that’s all it will go). 4. Count to 20 or 30.  (The manual says less than that but it’s not enough.) 5. Turn off ECO-HOT. 6. Use fixture. When the ECO-HOT valve is ON hot water from the Truma purges cooled standing water from the main hot water pipes and returns the purged water to the fresh tank for reuse. It will still take a few seconds of running the water for hot water to get from the main hot water pipes to the fixture but in (supposedly) less time and with less wastage than without Eco-Hot. Eco-Hot doesn’t work for all coach hot water fixtures. The G and K Eco-Hot systems don’t behave the same. Read this document for the why: EcoHot Explanation      

Which holding tank does my sink and shower drain to and what kind of “trap” does it have?

In the G/GL both the galley and bathroom sinks drain to the Gray tank and both sinks (and the shower) have “waterless” traps.

In the K/KL the galley sink drains to the Gray tank and the bathroom sink drains to the Black tank.

In the K/KL the galley sink (and the shower) have “waterless” traps and the bathroom sink has a “P” trap.

In all Travatos the shower drains to the Gray tank and has a “waterless” trap.