How do I remove the crisper shelf in the K Nova Kool fridge?

Just follow the instructions provided by Nova Kool:



How important is being level with the fridge in my Travato?

The compressor fridges in all the 59Ks as well as the 2019 (and beyond) G models do not need to be overly level. Anything less than a 30 degree angle should be OK.

The 3-way fridge in the 2018 and older G models is an absorption system refrigerator. This system works by boiling an ammonia and water solution. When the vapor condenses, it draws heat out of the fins and thus cools the fridge cabinet. You should use a bubble level in your fridge. There should be more than 1/2 of the bubble inside the center circle when you are parked. Extended use when not level can damage the fridge.