What do I need to know (and do) before I tow?

You need to know how much you can safely tow with your Travato. Make sure you do your research and educate yourself before attempting to tow. Your safety, and everyone around you, is at risk. Here are two good places to start:

DOCUMENT: Why You Probably Cannot Tow 3500lbs in your Travato. By Michael Russell

WEB PAGE: How Much Can You Tow? By The Fit RV

Also, there’s a “tow haul” button next to the shifter in the Travato. Make sure you’re familiar with it as it helps regulate your speed on downhills. When towing, it makes the transmission shift smoother and less frequently.

What exactly is the tow hook (a/k/a towing eye) attachment and where is it located?

The tow hook attachment is used to tow the Travato, not to tow something else. To tow the Travato, there is a small panel in the front bumper… this gets removed and the bolt of the tow hook is attached at this point. It is probably wrapped in black cloth and can be found with the jack.