How do I De-Winterize the Travato?

It’s spring, or you drove south. Now you’d like to get all that pink antifreeze out of the lines, fill your water tank, flush the toilet and use the sinks? Here’s a document on Travato De-Winterizing.

How cold should it be before I need to worry about winterizing?

When actively using the Travato, a good rule of thumb is to have the night temperatures not get below 28 degrees (F) at night, and daytime temperatures at or above 50F. If your Travato has all-indoor plumbing (K models, and newer G models) you may be able to go a few degrees cooler. Some Travatos are equipped with waste tank heaters. Those will help too, but the plumbing from the tanks to the waste port can still freeze and cause damage.

How can I quickly winterize my Travato?

Please review this document about winterizing the Travato.