TOWB group member William Byerly Holt offers this (with light editing) . .

The bottom line is how much time/effort do you want to put into Managing your power; usage and replenishing.

All three battery options allow you to boondock for extended periods of time. Three options: type of batteries: AMG; AMG upgraded with Lithium replacements;
Volta Pure 3 Lithium.

AMG systems require multi-daily eyes on the system to manage the power. A/C requires running the generator (which since 2021 is a “quiet generator”).  The batteries generally should only be depleted 50% before recharging or risk damage to the batteries.

12v Lithium upgrades require daily eyes on to manage but can be depleted to almost 100% before recharging. Might provide limited A/C. If the upgrade included installation of a large inverter.  Generator running would be required for extended A/C.

Volta needs very little management: if not running the A/C, looking at it every 3 or 4 days. If running the A/C, looking at it once a day.

Enable the Volta Auto-Start, and the Volta system will manage itself as needed.

With the Volta fully charged, you can run the A/C from 5 to 24 hours before needing a recharge, depending on how much time the A/C compressor is on.


Under that bottom line is where you evaluate YOUR personal cost benefit.

Thank you William.

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