Having trouble inserting or removing the shower hose in the port on the back wall?

Usually it’s because the pressure in the line needs to be removed.

In order to use the shower port you MUST be sure that you have relieved all pressure in the water line – that means you shouldn’t be on “city water” and your water pump should be turned off – and, as a final measure, open a faucet inside of the van to relieve any residual pressure. THEN try inserting the quick connect. If you still can’t do it use a wooden pencil with an eraser or the like to apply pressure to the brass cover that you can see through the opening – but be VERY careful and don’t use anything like a screwdriver or you will damage the connection.

Once you have finished using it and are having trouble removing the hose:

Relieve pressure in the line and have the water pump and city water off. Push in on the movable chrome sleeve and pull out on the quick connect.

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