That code usually means that there is no 120v power coming to the Truma while you are trying to use one of the electric modes for room heat or hot water.

1.  Make sure you have 120v power available in the van (either plugged in to shore power or running the generator – or the inverter is on in an “L” model).  An easy check for this is to look at the clock on the microwave oven – if it is lit up you have 120v power in the van.
If you don’t have power in the van – figure out why . . shore power breaker tripped?   Circuit breaker on generator tripped?   Main breaker in the van breaker box tripped?

2.  If you have 120v power in the van  with the microwave clock showing but not to the Truma (there should be a little electric plug icon showing in the lower right hand corner of the Truma screen) it’s usually because:

A.  the breaker for the “water heater” in the van circuit breaker box is tripped”  or

B.  the GFCI outlet that the Truma is plugged into needs to be re-set by pressing the re-set button in the middle of the outlet.    In a Travato K or KL this outlet is under the driver’s bed behind the vent near the bathroom – although in some 2019 models it’s further back and the top of the bed must be removed to reach it.  In a Travato G or GL this outlet is under the bench seat at the dinette.   Re-setting the GFCI usually clears the issue.

The GFCI outlet will only re-set if there is 120v power going to the outlet.
If there is power in the van and to the Truma and you still get the error code you may need to re-set the Truma itself.  There are instructions for how to re-set the Truma elsewhere in these FAQ’s.
The GFCI outlet was only installed in 2017 – 2020.5 models and then Truma no longer required WGO to install a GFCI outlet.  You can safely replace your GFCI outlet with a standard 20 amp outlet if you want to.

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