The INFOCASE – Love it, Don’t leave it!

Remember during your walk through when the technician kind of pointed to that black bag and said something like: “In your spare time you might want to take a look in there,” and then went about giving you a bunch of misinformation about the workings of your new T? Well, it’s time to remind you that it’s filled with good stuff.

Aside from my favorites; the Owner’s Manual (good general information) and Owner’s Manual Supplement (with specific information about components), there is also a ProMaster Manual.

But Wait – There’s More . . . There should also be:

  • a copy of the Window Sticker (reminding you which options and colors you actually bought, instead of what you thought you bought),
  • a “Feature” sheet listing those usually available on your model,
  • AND – – drum roll – – a sheet with “Component Information” starting with your serial and VIN numbers (that you’ll want to have handy when you are calling WGO or a vendor with a question or comment) AND the model and serial numbers of most of the major components of your Travato.

If any of this information is missing you should contact WGO customer service and see if they can provide it for you.

DON’T LEAVE THE INFOCASE AT HOME! You are most likely to need this information while you are on the road, because that’s when problems arise. Thank you for listening.

BONUS UPDATE: Since you are carrying this with you at all times it’s a good place to put a printout of the TRUMA PRIMER, and the winterizing and de-winterizing papers that Daniel Senie has authored so you will have it handy when you need it.


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