Yes – right here:

For Heat. A. Press knob –  Turn knob to icon for power source – press knob – turn knob to selection to the one you want (EL1, EL2 for electric only, Mix1 or Mix 2 for electric with LP assist. LP for LP only) – press knob to set. B. Turn knob to camper icon – press knob – turn knob to temperature setting – press knob to set. C. Press the “return” button on the left of the pad (or do nothing). DONE. That’s all there is to it.

For Hot Water turn off the heat if it is on, Then. A.  Same as above but LP is best. B.  Turn knob to thermometer icon – press knob – turn knob to desired setting (generally HOT is enough) – press knob. C. Same as above.
Actually do not use BOOST and don’t try to heat the van and water at the same time, do one or the other.

That’s all there is to it. No mystery, Turn press, turn press.

Here are the heat levels you will get on each setting:

• Electric only: E1 (850 watts) = 2,900 Btu.
• Electric only: E2 (1,700 watts) = 5,800 Btu.
• Gas only: Burner in stage one: 7,500 Btu.
• Mix 1: 7,500 Btu Gas + 2900 Btu Elec = 10,400 Btu.
• Mix 2: 7,500 Btu Gas + 5800 Btu Elec = 13,300 Btu.
• Gas only: Burner in stage two: 14,300 Btu.

So gas mode puts out the most heat, but Mix 2 is a close second and only uses about 1/2 as much gas. Electric only, even in E2, only puts out 5,800 Btu, which is not really a lot, just slightly more than the standard 1,500 watt space heater or large hair dryer, but sufficient for cool weather.


You CAN use the Truma for heat even when the system is winterized and the Truma water tank has been drained without harming anything.

To use LP modes make sure the LP switches are on both inside and outside of the van.  (There is also an LP solenoid switch on the top of the Truma that needs to be on.)

To use EL modes make sure you have 120v power working in the van (if the lights are on at the microwave oven you have power).

If things are not working you will see a caution triangle at the bottom of the Truma screen.  Turn the knob to scroll to it and press the knob and an error code will be revealed.  The most common ones are a 212 code indicating an LP issue at the Truma or 45 indicating no 120v power at the Truma.  Check the FAQ’s for 212 or 45 to learn more about those issues.

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