By Greg Schultz


Step 1.   Go to either or both of these sites to see how others who have the same or similar T’s for sale are pricing them.   Keep in mind that these will be “asking” prices, not necessarily “selling” prices.

Step 2.  Once you have decided on a price acceptable to you for your van post a “For Sale” post on the TOWB group and/or the Class B Camper Van FB group (following the group guidelines).
Stick to the facts of the sale – year, model, color, mileage, price, where located and include a picture or two.  You don’t need to say why you are selling.
Give it a few days or a week to see if you get immediate traction – and you may need to “bump” it once or twice to keep it visible.

Step 3.  Post your unit for sale on one or both of the on-line sites noted above.
You could run an ad on Craigslist too if you are comfortable with that platform.

Note – if your fallback is to trade in your unit keep in mind that the dealer is only going to offer you “book” value for dealer trade-in.  This will be THOUSANDS less than you can get from an outright sale – so – IMO, you have a LOT of flexibility in your selling price to an individual before you go that route.

Using these methods, we sold several of our units VERY quickly – but YMMV.

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