The 2022 K/KL comes with the following from WGO:
1 A Shore Power Cord
2 A blue waste dump hose (stinky slinky)
3 A “Travato” logo mat for the cab floor
4 Fold up shades for the windshield and cab doors.
5 An “infocase” that includes manuals, extra key(s), a quick connect for the LP accessory port, a copy of the window sticker, and a component sheet with the brand, model and serial numbers of the appliances.
6 A water filter under the galley – the dealer should have installed the filter media in the canister but frequently it is still in the box.
7 A shower curtain
8 A bunch of “pawn magnets” to hold the shower curtain against the doors to maximize space.
9 A blue coiled hose to use in the shower port on the Nautilus panel.
10 Poles and a grey shower curtain to be used on the back doors (the curtain can also be attached to the velcro dots on the “pizza oven” for a quick privacy curtain inside.
11 Remote controls for the TV and Sound Bar and MaxFan.
12 Window covering that are snapped on the back doors.
13 A Corian insert for the galley sink.
14 A glass turntable and metal rack for the convection/microwave.
15 A short white hose to use in the Nautilus panel to siphon fluids into the system.
16 A Fix & Go tire inflator/slime repair kit.
17 Bamboo shower floor mat.
18 A jack and towing eye rolled up in a black “rug”.

The same is all true for the G/GL except item #8 – pawn magnets are used to hold the outside shower curtain to the back doors.

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