Travatos are always advertised with a model year identification, ie:  2017, 2018, 2019, etc.

But WGO sometimes makes changes to models at the beginning of the year and sometimes later in the year so, for example, if you are shopping for a Travato and it’s advertised as a 2020 you don’t know if it includes the significant changes that were introduced in the middle of the year (in what TOWB people call the 2020.5 model).
Well, if you can see the Serial Number (not the VIN Number) for the Travato you have a clue:

if the Seventh digit is a 1 it’s an early in the year model

if the Seventh digit is a 2 it’s a later in the year model and what we would call a .5.

On TOWB we don’t bother using the .5 designation unless there have been mid-year changes.   We talk about a 2017.5 and a 2019.5 but not about a 2018.5 because there were no 2018 mid year changes.

Note that on the WGO website when you look at their libraries of Owner’s Manuals and Drawings they give you this clue, they just don’t talk about “.5” model years.


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