Which heat setting you use will depend on the outside temperatures and the temperature you are trying to achieve.

Here are the heat levels you will get on each setting:

• Electric only: E1 (850 watts) = 2,900 Btu.
• Electric only: E2 (1,700 watts) = 5,800 Btu.
• Gas only: Burner in stage one: 7,500 Btu.
• Mix 1: 7,500 Btu Gas + 2900 Btu Elec = 10,400 Btu.
• Mix 2: 7,500 Btu Gas + 5800 Btu Elec = 13,300 Btu.
• Gas only: Burner in stage two: 14,300 Btu.

So gas mode puts out the most heat, but Mix 2 is a close second and only uses about 1/2 as much gas. Electric only, even in E2, only puts out 5,800 Btu, which is not really a lot, just slightly more than the standard 1,500 watt space heater or large hair dryer, but sufficient for cool weather.

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