Understanding Travato Volta GL and KL Shore Power Load Control System, Max Branch Amps, Charge Rate Setting, and PCS.

Shaun Simpkins has authored this document to help further our understanding of these systems on the Volta equipped Travato.   Understanding Shore Power  

Where can I get a User Manual and helpful operating videos for my Volta System?

Go to the Volta Power Systems website and click on the “Support” tab.
Scroll down the page and you’ll find operating videos.

Further down the page you’ll find links to “Download Volta Manuals”.
You will have one of two systems.
You can tell what you have a couple of different ways:
1.  In most cases, vehicles manufactured in 2021 or before have a VIP or VSP System.
In most cases that system will have an On/Off button and an SOC gauge adjacent to it and no display screen.  That will be a VIP-VSP system for sure.
But some later versions in the 2021 or 2022 model year will have a display screen instead of the SOC gauge and those could be either system.
You can identify your system based on unique and visible features.

For example, Flex Systems often include touchscreen controls and a unique On/Off pushbutton. The pushbutton on a Flex System is a “one-position” button and returns to a level position with its bezel after you turn on the System. If you have a two-position pushbutton, meaning the pushbutton remains depressed or “sunken” after you turn on your Volta System, then you likely have a VIP-VSP System.

2.  If you have the “Component Worksheet” for you van it will show the model and serial number for the “Lithium Power Pack”

  • Serial Numbers starting with VV are Flex.
  • Serial Numbers starting with VF are non-Flex

Click on the “DOWNLOAD” button that applies to your system.

As of this posting this link would go to the Support page if you copy it to your browser:



For “boondocking” should I get a standard Travato with 12v AGM batteries, upgrade to 12v lithium batteries, or get the “L” with the Volta Pure 3 48v system?

TOWB group member William Byerly Holt offers this (with light editing) . .

The bottom line is how much time/effort do you want to put into Managing your power; usage and replenishing.

All three battery options allow you to boondock for extended periods of time. Three options: type of batteries: AMG; AMG upgraded with Lithium replacements;
Volta Pure 3 Lithium.

AMG systems require multi-daily eyes on the system to manage the power. A/C requires running the generator (which since 2021 is a “quiet generator”).  The batteries generally should only be depleted 50% before recharging or risk damage to the batteries.

12v Lithium upgrades require daily eyes on to manage but can be depleted to almost 100% before recharging. Might provide limited A/C. If the upgrade included installation of a large inverter.  Generator running would be required for extended A/C.

Volta needs very little management: if not running the A/C, looking at it every 3 or 4 days. If running the A/C, looking at it once a day.

Enable the Volta Auto-Start, and the Volta system will manage itself as needed.

With the Volta fully charged, you can run the A/C from 5 to 24 hours before needing a recharge, depending on how much time the A/C compressor is on.


Under that bottom line is where you evaluate YOUR personal cost benefit.

Thank you William.

Why does my engine start when I arm my Volta autostart system even though my SOC doesn’t require a start?

The autostart system checks several things at once during arming,  one of which is the chassis battery level. It needs to know that the level  is okay so in case an auto start is required the chassis battery is up to the task. However, sometimes a drop is detected just because of too many things being checked at once and the engine starts to charge the chassis battery. If this continues to happen even if your chassis battery is charged then contact your dealer and/or volta to diagnose and fix.

What do the red lights mean on the Kisae solar controller on my Volta (Pure 3) equipped Travato?

Group Member Joel Bean tells us this:

“Findings about Kisae controller. Although the manual discusses the status lights on the Kisae, you will only see two states.

ON and charging (solid green on bottom, flashing amber on top) and/or
OFF (both solid red).

Ignore the information about Constant Current, Constant Charge, and Constant Float. The Kisae does not control/monitor the state of the battery. Battery management for the Volta system does this and simply turns the Kisae on and off. Also, be advised that, although there is function in the Kisae to control charging from an alternator, these connection terminals are not used. This is also controlled by Volta battery management. I hope this addresses some confusion about the use of the Kisae controller. You will always see double red lights until the battery is below about 90%. One exception. If the Kisae starts charging the battery, it will continue until full. Once full, it will shut off, all red, and not resume unless the battery dips to below 90 or 91%, when Volta battery management turns it on again.”

Also note:  The lights turn off completely at night (when there is no solar energy on the solar panels at all).


Where Can I Find Videos on Operating the Volta Pure 3 System in a Travato?

Winnebago has a library of instructional videos.

To see all of the available videos click on this link or paste into your browser and scroll down to the ones for the Travato.


For some of the more frequently used ones see below:

The video for changing the Max Branch Amps is this one:

The video for when the inverter on/off switch isn’t working is this one:

Is There a Volta Pure 3 Cliff Notes or Quick Start Guide?

Yes, Volta has created this document for owners and dealers to help with some basic operating questions.

Dealer Collateral_VPS_6.25.2020_11x8.5_Digital_V1

What sounds/fan noises will I hear from the Volta Pure 3 System?

Shaun Simpkins has authored this document to help you understand the sounds you hear.

Listening to the Pure 3 System 2022 edition

Where can I find information on the Volta Pure3 Lithium System as used in the Travato?”

Here are documents created by Graham Smith (one of the first “L” owners) with editing and content provided by WGO, Volta, and other owners.

This one is a consolidated document explaining, in detail, most of what you need/want to know about the 1st generation system as installed in Travatos prior to the 2020.5 models.

Travato Pure3-Volta System 1st Gen

This one is a consolidated document explaining, in detail, most of what you need/want to know about the 2nd generation system as installed in Travatos beginning with the 2020.5 models.

Travato Pure3-Volta System 2nd Gen

This one is a consolidated document explaining, in detail, most of what you need/want to know about the 3rd generation system as installed in Travatos beginning with the 2020.5 models with the 10% larger battery pack

Travato Pure3-Volta System 3rd Gen

The next  ones are a document that contains instructions for using the manual/auto features so you can print it out and keep it handy.  They are different depending on what “generation” your system is.

Travato Pure3-Volta Auto-Start 1st Gen

Travato Pure3-Volta Auto-Start 2nd3rd Gen-1

A discussion about using surge suppression with the Volta Pure 3 system is here:

Travato Pure3-Volta System Surge Suppressors

Information about the Bluetooth Module can be found here:

Travato Pure3-Volta Bluetooth Module

Also, a conceptual Power and Plumbing diagram 1st generation

Power and Plumbing Diagram GL and KL 2019

and, a conceptual Power and Plumbing diagram 2nd generation