Why do I have front end vibration when driving my Travato?

Many owners of Travatos with a roof rack (usually 2019 or later) report front end vibration at varying speeds.   In many cases this can be eliminated by 1. Moving the front bar on the rack back several inches, 2. Removing the front bar of the rack, or 3. Installing an air dam in front of the front bar of the rack. NOTE:  If the vibration happens only when accelerating generally between 40 and 60 MPH then it’s possible that you need to have the front half axels checked as some had issues with those.

Sumo Springs are just another kind of Bump Stop.

SUMO SEMANTICS SUGGESTION. For those having difficulty finding a shop to install the “Sumo Springs” at a reasonable price . . . .
It seems that many places are not at all familiar with this product. In fact, they are not SPRINGS. If an explanation is required try telling the people that all you are doing is replacing the original rear BUMP STOPS with ones that are a little longer. It’s just a matter of lifting each rear wheel of the van off of the ground enough to access the existing bump stop, unscrewing it, and replacing it with one a little longer and hand tightening it in place. It’s a half hour job at the most.

What do I need to know about Sumo Springs?

Pretty much everything you need to know about Sumo Springs from what they are to how to purchase them is found in the attached document.