Is there a fix for my 2020.5 or newer Carefree Awning opening and closing on its own?

There have been reports that an awning may extend by 1.5 inches and immediately retract in quick succession during travel. This is caused by the BT12 electronic control system recalibrating its “home” closed position after power is reapplied after turning off coach power. This issue can be remedied by the system update described in the attached bulletin. 2021-06-16 Service Bulletin firmware update

I received a notice from Carefree about Technical Service Bulletin 2020-06-17. What should I do?

The Carefree Help Desk told us this:

There is TSB that was posted on TOWB from Carefree that I wanted to make you aware of.

It’s not for everyone, and if you didn’t get a letter then there is no need worry.   It is only on the Freedom Freestyle Evolution.  Part number of the awning starts with an “IJ”  from mfg. date of the awning 3/20 to 6/20.   What it is was some units went out without the correct washers on the lead rail connectors.   This TSB is to let customer know that their unit didn’t get the bigger washer and screw and it would need to be upgraded.  It’s a 10 to 15 minute job that they can do themselves or they can take it to a dealer.    We are sending the washers out to the customer or the dealer of their choice.

I have attached the instructions on what needs to be done so you are aware.

2020-06-29 Service Bulletin


Why Is There Beeping Every 30 Seconds From My Carefree Awning?

There are two small batteries in the BT module of the 2020.5 or newer Carefree awning.
When they are going bad there is a low battery alarm that sounds every 30 seconds.
Instructions for replacing the batteries can be found in the Owners Manual for your awning.

An owner also has reported that a dealer suggested that before changing the batteries, try removing the fuse to the awning for a few minutes and then restoring the fuse and see if the beeping stops.  Sometimes the beeping is because the module has lost its synch with the rest of the system.



Where can I find Carefree Awning Emergency Information and Links to Helpful Information?

This document will give you information about what to do in case of a Carefree Awning emergency.

Winnebago B Van What to do in an Awning Related Emergency – edited (2)

This document will help you identify your Carefree awning and link you to helpful information about it.

Winnebago Travato B Van Manual Direct Links-2-10232019-edit

Also remember that there is another FAQ where you can find the Carefree Travato Help Desk.

Is there a Carefree Awning Help Desk for Travato Owners?

We have been working with the folks at Carefree of Colorado since we met with their OEM Sales Manager at GNR this past July.
We were trying to promote a means by which Carefree Awning End-Users, specifically in the Travato Owners Group, had a somewhat direct link to Carefree for “In Case of Emergency” and other malfunctioning or operating issues and questions.
Carefree has been working on a couple of PDF documents for us to post for our Members, but they’re not quite ready. However, Carefree IS ready, and we’ve determined not to delay any further by announcing the CONTACT INFO for their “HELP DESK” function.
First, here’s the contact:
Carefree Customer Service: (303) 469-3324, Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm MT
B Van Dedicated Service Technician:
Rick Haro (303) 410-6320 direct /
Here’s what you will need to expedite the process:
A. Year of your Travato
B. Type of CAREFREE Freestyle Awning that you have (Note 1 below)
C. Serial Number and Part Number
To find the Serial and Part Number on your Travato’s awning, open the awning and extend it about 2-3 feet.
From there, you can see the Serial Number, Part Number
and other information on a label on the inside of the Lead Rail. (Note 2 below)
(you may need a step stool or ladder to see the label and take a photo)
The photo attached (above) to this post shows the label on my ‘17K, which is positioned near the Auto Retract Module to the rear of the coach. You might also find your label on the other end of the rail, near the front of the coach.
We will provide additional information pertaining to the Help Desk function and the documents being prepared by Carefree as we get them. We hope that this post helps Members who may need to connect with Carefree right away do so.
We thank the folks at Carefree for their proactive approach to improved End-User Customer Service.
Note 1: This does not pertain to the FIAMMA awning that was installed on early Travatos with the Fiamma roof rack system.
Note 2: (GS) Or, you can look at the Component Information sheet that came in the Infocase with your Travato (In my case, the CI sheet has the incorrect Model Number, but the Serial Number is correct –SP). It might be prudent to double-check.

How do I adjust the pitch of my Carefree awning?

Just follow the directions provided by Carefree.  It can be done by one person but it’s easier if there are two.